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E-Learning 4 Edu
  • About Us

    Early Childhood Connections Inc. Is an Early Childhood training organization that provides technical support and consultant services to early childcare professionals. For the love of learning, we created a sister company Elearning4edu.com.

    Mission Statement

    elearning4edu.com pledge the following:
    • To promote best practice skills and competencies for all childcare professionals.
    • To support early childcare service delivery and standards.
    • To model and promote high-quality training and adult learning principles.
    • Teach professionals and adults using the guidance of standards, code of ethics and best practice frameworks.
    • To encourage professional development for all early childhood professionals and stakeholders.
    • To dedicate time and efforts within the community to ensure that our mission is carried out.

    elearning4edu.com offers high quality online professional development services:
    • Orientation and Mandated Compliance Sessions.
    • Self-Study and Self Passed.
    • Staff Professional Development.
    • Adult Continuing Education.
    • Instructor Led Virtual Course.
    • Coaching and Mentoring Sessions.