What is eLearning4edu?

eLearning is the solution for meeting professional development, CDA training and Coaching Sessions. eLearning has partnered with Early Childhood Connections Inc to provide high-quality professional development, coaching services, and program consultation. Search the Web pages to find out how elearning4edu and Early Childhood Connections can help you learn and grow as early childhood professionals.

Who will benefit from eLearning4edu?

• Those who wish to grow and learn at their own pace
• Those who have time restraints or location restraints
• Those who are limited; schedules don’t permit them to attend a normal scheduled face to face learning sessions

**If you are new to eLearning or online learning formats please let us know.
**A Leadership Coach can consult with you.

What are the eLearning4edu experiences consist of?

The format of each eLearning experience is outlined in the designed syllabus and content page for each unit. Most eLearning experiences have quizzes, videos, PowerPoints, information slides, assignments, tasks, practicums, projects, and reports. Responsive reading and reflection statements are needed to help evaluate your progress.

How do I know which eLearning experience to take?

eLearning4edu experiences are based on levels and core competencies. Select an experience based on your current level and training needs. For those, you have no prior knowledge or are new to the field the register for 01- or 101 experiences. If you have some content knowledge or need a refresher- renewal register for 102 or RW experiences. If you need to review your registration with one of our team members email helpelearning@gmail.com.

Can I get CEU’s and Lifetime Experience Credit?

We are aligned with two universities that offer CEU’s your request for CEU’s must be requested as part of your registration. If you are seeking Life Time Experience and have taken more than 5 hours of eLearning with us; and plan to enroll at a university we will provide syllabus, the content of learning Curriculum outline and transcripts to assist. The final determination for CEU’s and Lifetime experiences Credit is up to the authorized Higher Education institutions.

Can I enroll in more than one eLearning Experience?

Yes! You can enroll in more than a learning experience, but know that each LE requires tasks, assignments, and readings. The content for learning objectives requires that you immerse yourself in the skills to master the set goals. So, take your time with one Learning Experience at a time. Sign up with a leadership coach, visit the resource e-Library and complete your practicum to help build your skills and competencies.

How do I get help or support?

All enrollees are assigned a leadership coach. Reach out via email or set up a virtual meeting to discuss course content and your concerns. We also encourage you to post your questions in the course forum, which will allow others to answer and create a discussion and suggestions. If you need help and support our leadership coaches will respond. We just ask that your follow up on with a post and reflect on the resolution. If no resolution is found feel free to contact one of our senior consultants who will walk you through methodologies toward success. At any point in time that you need future help, please email to helpelearning@gmail.com.

How will my final grade be determined?

Your final grade will be determined by the task, assignments, and quizzes, as outlined in the course syllabus. The rubric for the course will provide a grading scheme and criteria used to finalize your grade. Grades and the reflection of the core learning experience. Grades as a rule of thumb are tally of demonstrating core knowledge, skills, and competencies. If you are having difficulty with reaching the criteria reach out to your instructor using the Ask Your Instructor Link.

Can I get accommodation and adaptations if needed?

Yes, our team will review your needs to create an accommodation plan and set the necessary goals and timelines. The accommodation plan review will need the appropriate documentation to support your request.

How long does the eLearning experience last?

Each eLearning experience is made up of modules and timelines. The timeline of the course is set by the total credit hours and the duration of time to provide you with practice and experiences to master the learning objectives and reach the goals set.

How long is the certificate valid?

Each eLearning experience will determine how long the certificate invalid. This is noted in the eLearning description and or on the certificate.

How do I get a letter of Content Study?

Just ask, if you need an enrollment letter or transcript. Transcripts are issued if you have completed more than one eLearning experience. A plan of study will be issued if you enroll in an eLearning experience as part of a professional development plan.